Devotion Film

Devotion Film

Devotion, Obsession, & Deception: The Story About Hara's Life

- now being turned into a major motion picture!

Book Summary: The story is about a high school graduate named Hara, who attended college at TSU, a college in San Marcos, Texas, where she reunites with her ex-boyfriend named Bishop Summers but at the same time becomes friends with a fellow student named Stephen. Stephen becomes obsessed over her and sets up a plot with one of Haras roommates to break her and Bishop up. When the plot doesnt go as planned, he kidnaps Hara and keeps her tied up in his barn for three weeks. Within those three weeks, he makes her quit TSU, turns her back to her friends and family, including Bishop. Also within those three weeks he beats and rapes her. Her mom hires a private investigator to find Hara. Once he finds Hara, her mom, the private investigator, and Bishop team up to rescue Hara, but the plan to rescue Hara will become a difficult task because Stephen has killed someone before and to keep Hara, he would do so again.

Meet the Cast

Devotion - Cast
Some of the Casts of Devotion film
Devotion - Hara and Stephen
Hara & Stephen
Director Jaytilya M. Watkins with a few of the cast members
Devotion Cast
The actors who play Hara & Bishop
Devotion - Hara and Bishop
The actors who play Hara & Bishop
Devotion - Bishop by his self in his classic 1965 rebuilt Mustang
Bishop by himself in his classic 1965 rebuilt Mustang
Devotion - Mustang
The Mustang car used in the movie